HCDE records show increased property tax collections

HCDE records show increased property tax collections

Morales’ claims of always voting to lower property taxes or rates not possibly true

Please see the actual tax collection records for the Harris County Department of Education for the years Roy Morales was an elected trustee. Mr. Morales repeatedly claims in person and in writing that he, along with the other trustees, somehow lowered or kept the same HCDE property taxes during his term in office. That is clearly not the case as the documents from the Harris County Tax Office received from an open records request show that HCDE property tax collections rose $5,111,293.20, 37%, from the baseline tax year 2006 when he was elected through the final 2012 tax rate vote he set before leaving office. This statistic uses the current tax collection collected.

In addition, Mr. Morales personally made the motion on October 23, 2012 to raise the HCDE tax rate to its highest in recent history to 0.006617 cents per $100 of valuation. The rate was adopted by a 4 to 3 vote, and tax bills were mailed and paid based upon the increase. The following article shows the minutes of the HCDE meeting that former Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners also attended:

The reason Mr. Sumners attended as the elected Tax Assessor-Collector, was the proposed tax rate published by HCDE was even higher still so he went to get it reduced. The adopted rate was clearly higher than the prior year’s 2011 HCDE tax rate of 0.006581 . As a result, HCDE current property tax collections rose from $17,871,115.39 in 2011 to $18,913,061.97 or an increase of $1,041,946.58 . This 5.83% increase is due to the combined effects of the tax rate increase and valuations. It was paid by all county-wide taxpayers and can be clearly seen online at HCTO Tax Receipts account by account for these two years 2011 and 2012.

Therefore, there is no fact or supposition of fact that Mr. Morales claims of always voting to lower property taxes or rates is possibly true. The Morales motion on the HCDE Property Tax rate increase help cost all County Taxpayers 1.1 Million Dollars.

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